Precision Physical Therapy - Expectations

•  Expectations


  • a precise and professional head to toe evaluation of your condition or injury.
  • a detailed explanation of your condition and what we will do to treat it.
  • hands-on treatment by a Licensed Physical Therapist during each treatment session.
  • a plan of action, including a simple home exercise program.
  • a thorough discussion of what you need to do to help yourself, including home exercises and advice on lifestyle changes (ergonomics).
  • us to value your time, so we stick to a tight schedule to accommodate your needs.
  • a fun, trusting, comfortable and empathetic environment.
  • that we will respect your privacy, so all "hands on" treatments are done in a private treatment room.
  • that we will persist in determining what you need to live your life without pain.
  • a referral to a specialist when needed. We have contacts with many outstanding practitioners in Boulder County, who represent all medical disciplines.

What you need to bring to your first visit:

  1. Your physical therapy prescription from your doctor
  2. Your insurance card(s)
  3. Comfortable clothing: tank top/jog bra, shorts/sweats, sneakers
  4. X-ray, MRI and/or CT Scan reports. We do not need to see the actual films.
  5. Walking/running shoes and orthotics
  6. Your questions!!