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Reflex Relaxation™, or Reflax™, has been developed by Ernie Quinlisk, PT and Scott Musgrave, MSPT after years of working with patients with Chronic Pain issues. Many of our patients experience other physical problems in conjunction with the pain, like:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety and/or Depression
  • Muscular tension
  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Clenching of jaw muscles and fists
  • Those symptoms that there are not words to describe

Chronic Pain is truly a Battle in your Brain! I have become quite intrigued with the brain and it has been a focus of intense study for me since 2003. As a result, I have decided to write an ebook entitled "Winning the Battle in your Brain!" For an excerpt of this soon to be released ebook, click here.

Isn't it frustrating to feel like no one knows what is wrong with you!! You may feel completely exhausted, yet you can't sleep. On the outside you may look fine, but on the inside there is a battle going on that requires every ounce of your energy just to get through a normal day, let alone a day with intense stress. X-rays, MRI's, blood tests and CT Scans do not show much that is wrong. You may feel helpless and hopeless.

Maybe what I am describing gives you the feeling that I already know you. Well in a sense I do. We see so many patients with different diagnoses, yet they all have similar symptoms that have been described above. Here is a partial list of those diagnoses:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Dysautonomia
  • Whiplash Syndrome
  • Vestibular Issues
  • Vertigo
  • Failed surgery
  • Unresolved Pain Issues
  • Closed Head Injury
  • Chronic Pain

The problem more than likely resides in your nervous system and has a lot to do with the fight, flight and freeze response we all experience during a traumatic event. We have discovered a simple yet profound method to relax the nervous system, which can have a dramatic effect on muscle tension, anxiety, stress, insomnia and pain. We researched how various receptors in the skin, muscles, tendons and joints, called mechanoreceptors can create a sense of relaxation if they are properly stimulated by a trained medical professional using these specific techniques. The key to relaxing your nervous system is establishing an environment that feels safe. You cannot relax if you don't feel safe!

Scott has also developed a home exercise that can help you start feeling better right now! It is called Reflexercise™ and is the first step of our 6 step process that we call Associative Awareness Technique. Click here to order Reflexercise™ and view a video entitled Chronic Pain Explained. We believe that you deserve answers and this information will help you to understand your problem.

Reflax™ will help you feel what is like to be fully relaxed. You will experience less tension in your neck muscles, hands and feet, less clenching of your teeth, a softening of that pit in your stomach and a decrease in the pounding of your heartbeat. Depending on the patient's preference, this technique can be done directly on the skin or through the clothes. Reflax™ is gentle and painless. By the way, most patient's experience relief of pain and stress, regardless of how long he or she has been experiencing pain or other physical problems. Check out what a few patients have to say about this work and Dr. Scaer's powerful words below.

Anyone can benefit from this type of treatment and we have developed a home version of Reflax™ so you can perform it on your partner, friends or family members. If you are interested visit Quinlisk Wellness & Performance.

Some patients will need more time than I can provide at this busy orthopedic physical therapy practice. For those patients that prefer or need more time with Ernie or like a quiet environment where you can receive up to 2 hours of treatment in one session, he has set up an office in Arvada to accommodate these needs.

Visit for more information.

This work has been directly influenced by the significant contributions of John Iams, P.T. ( and Robert Scaer, M.D. ( to the study of pain and somatic dysfunction. You can check out heir websites for more information about their work.

For more information about Scott Musgrave, MSPT or to make an appointment, please contact him via

If you do not live in close proximity to Ernie or Scott to access treatment, you can simply have your healthcare practitioner click here for training information. He or she can learn the technique online prior to attending one of our seminars that we will be teaching around the country.

Hopefully the information provided has answered many of your questions, If not feel free to email me via

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"I believe Reflex Relaxation™ involves repetitive, but varied and unpredictable, multi modal sensory input to the brain. It involves input from skin pressure and temperature receptors, muscle spindle stretch reflex receptors and proprioceptive receptors from joints and tendons. Read more...

Dr. Robert Scaer

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"I have had nothing but great experiences using Reflax™. My patients request it! My patients are not only relaxed, they often fall asleep and feel refreshed after having a Reflax™ treatment. I frequently hear...'I've never felt so relaxed!!'"
      - Angie Beck, PT