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"I believe Reflex Relaxation™ involves repetitive, but varied and unpredictable, multi modal sensory input to the brain. It involves input from skin pressure and temperature receptors, muscle spindle stretch reflex receptors and proprioceptive receptors from joints and tendons. Read more...

      Dr. Robert Scaer, P.T.

"I use Reflax™ (Reflex Relaxaton™) with every patient I treat. It consistently produces results, while working seamlessly with many other therapeutc approaches. The results are immediate and long lasting. I also found the home study course to be an extremely effective learning tool. The information is delived in a straightforward, easy to process manner. You will be able to successfully implement these techniques within minutes of finishing this program. I found the home study course to be well packaged and visually appealing. The CD is terrific! The pace of the discussion and instructional session is easy to follow."
      - Scott Musgrave, PT
      Advanced PRRT Practitioner

"Reflex Relaxation™ (RR) is a powerful trearment method which down regulates every patient I have used it on. The techniques can be applied in minutes or delivered in a longer flowing full RR session. Patients respond with great appreciation for the experience. 'I have never been so relaxed' is the usual patient response. It is a terrific way to set up any style of manual intervention. Learning the techniques, understanding the rationale and applying what you learned is easily done with the Home Study Course. I first experienced RR in early May 2007 and immediately started using it with my patients and use it every day in some form on all of my patients."
      - Jim Henson, PT
      Advanced PRRT Practioner
      PRRT instructor

"I had a patient in my clinic today that came in very upregulated and left with 0/10 pain and feeling very relaxed. These are very powerful techniques!"
      - Michael Pennington, MSPT
      Advanced PRRT Practitioner
      PRRT Instructor

"I have had nothing but great experiences using Reflax™. My patients request it! My patients are not only relaxed, they often fall asleep and feel refreshed after having a Reflax™ treatment. I frequently hear...'I've never felt so relaxed!!'"
      - Angie Beck, PT
      Advanced PRRT Practitoner
      PRRT Instructor

"Reflex Relaxation™ (Reflax™) is a very effective, easy to learn technique that will amaze your patients. If Reflax™ can work on my wife (my toughest patient) it has to be effective. Thanks for the technique Ernie!"
      - Derick Russell, PT