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Ernie Quinlisk Ernie Quinlisk, P.T.
President of Precision Physical Therapy, Inc.

Ernie received his Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations from the University of Pittsburgh in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1984. Following his path of service, Ernie found physical therapy to be the link between his passion for understanding the psychological and physical relationships of pain. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia in 1987. Over the years, Ernie has accumulated over 700 hours of continuing education in his field of expertise.

As a leader in his profession and an accomplished speaker, Ernie lectures to the general public and professional groups on various topics. In the past, he has addressed both the Colorado Athletic Trainers Association and Physical Therapy classes at the University of Colorado, where he specifically addressed the treatment of kneecap pain. Ernie was also the Keynote speaker of the Colorado Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association's fall symposium in 1998. The topic was "An Eclectic Approach to Treating Lower Extremity Dysfunction for Physical Therapist's". Ernie is a former Primal Reflex Release Technique™ (PRRT™) instructor and taught the basic level seminar to healthcare practitioners in Colorado and Pennsylvania. He taught over a dozen seminars and was the first instructor other than John Iams (the developer of PRRT™) to teach PRRT™. Ernie has received all the advanced level PRRT™ training and he has also been a guest speaker at the intermediate and advanced level PRRT™ seminars in San Diego. Please refer to the PRRT™ page for more information about this new pain relieving technique.

Ernie is the co-developer of an exciting new pain relieving technique called Reflex Relaxation™ or Reflax™ for short. This technique stimulates various receptors (mechanoreceptors) in the skin, muscles, joints and tendons that creates a relaxation effect throughout the body. This in turn will help to alleviate pain, stress and muscle tension. Reflax™ works very well on chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. It is very gentle and has been successfully used on those who suffer from osteoporosis to athletes of all levels. Reflax™ is now available in a DVD home study course format for health care professionals. Visit the home page for more information and to view video testimonials.

Ernie and his long time friend and colleague Scott Musgrave, MSPT have developed a Chronic Pain treatment program called Associative Awareness Technique™. This process is a one of a kind program that directly addresses the relationship between the physical, emotional and behavioral aspects of your pain pattern. Please click here for more information about Associative Awareness Technique™ to learn how this process can help you or someone you know.

Ernie has practiced in Boulder County since 1989 and works hard to maintain his thriving practice where he treats pain that arises from all types of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the Private Practice Section of the APTA and of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT).

"Having been a family doctor in Boulder County for more than 40 years, I have referred a great number of patients to physical therapists. The qualities most patients and I desire in a P.T. consultation are proficiency and a genuine competency for addressing symptoms and working toward resolution of problems. It is imperative for a quality therapist to recognize if the patient's particular problem needs referral to another specialist. In my opinion, "Ernie Q" possesses these attributes more than any 'other' physical therapist in Boulder County."
Dr. Howard Wolf, Family Practice Physician

"Ernie is a physical therapist with whom I have worked closely for almost my entire nine years of experience in Colorado. My office has referred patients to him with almost every conceivable orthopedic problem. I do not recall one patient who was not enthusiastically satisfied with his treatment, his professionalism, and his attentiveness. He provides me with follow-up, literally on a daily basis, which makes my work quite a bit easier. He is without a doubt one of the most exceptional physical therapists I have had the privilege of working with."
Jon M. Erickson, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

"Primal Reflex Release Technique™ is an excellent primary or ancillary modality to help patients resolve symptomatology which resides in the body as a result of unresolved trauma and the resultant dysautonomia. I have recommended PRRT™ to clients, friends, family and colleagues and I have experienced this new form of therapy from Ernie Quinlisk, PT on several occasions with good results."
John R. M. Day, M.D.
Boulder, CO

As a family practice nurse practitioner who incidentally suffers from chronic back pain, I feel very fortunate to know Ernie. From him, I have gained valuable knowledge and learned techniques to lessen my personal daily pain and help prevent exacerbations. As a medical provider, I am happy to have someone to whom I can refer my patients, knowing that they will receive attentive analysis, treatment and education. His dedication to helping people ease pain and become more functional enables them to enjoy life on a higher level. Ernie has gone beyond his excellent traditional physical therapy skills and is currently researching, teaching and practicing Primal Reflex Release Technique. Bravo to Ernie for taking a big step beyond traditional methods to better provide for those who suffer from pain!"
Cindy Spray, FNP
Superior, CO

Susan Blue Susan Blue, P.T.

Susan received her Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 1988. Since then she has worked in various locations in the Denver area and has amassed over 400 hours of continuing education. In 2001, Susan received her certificate as a Cancer Exercise Specialist from the Rocky Mountain Cancer Institute. She has developed cancer exercise programs and has taught her colleagues how to develop similar programs.

Susan treats any type of pain, regardless of where it is located in the body. She has a calm style and incorporates many different types of physical therapy philosophies into her treatments, so she can cater to all of her patient's needs.

Susan enjoys doing lectures for the general public on orthopedic topics ranging from neck and low back pain to hip, knee and shoulder pain. She is well versed at treating sports injuries of all types, whether the problem is acute, chronic or post-operative. Susan has also received basic training in the PRRT™ techniques that are described in the PRRT™ section.

I have known and referred patients to Susan for Over 10 years. Many of the patients she has seen for me have been difficult rehabilitation patients for the simple reason that she has the capacity to deal with these patients with a compassionate, professional and direct mix that is rare in healthcare providers. She is knowledgeable with a deep set of skills that I find unparalleled in the physical therapy community.
R.J. Swarsen, M.D., Colorado Occupational HealthCare

I would highly recommend physical therapist Susan Blue. Susan has a thorough knowledge of the field, and she is especially skilled at adapting it to individual circumstances. My post-surgical physical therapy needs were complex and Susan listened carefully not only to my doctors, but to me. She tailored an effective program that succeeded where prior therapists failed. I am grateful to Susan for both her expertise and her commitment to my full recovery - she supplied me with hope and encouragement during a challenging rehabilitation.
Richard M. Bayus, II

Cameron Lyons Cameron Lyons, P.T., D.P.T.

Cameron is a Colorado native who practices by the philosophy that "we should not bother to be better than our predecessors or our contemporaries, but be better than ourselves". Cameron completed his bachelor's degree in Human Biology at the University of Northern Colorado and completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Regis University, where he was the 2005 recipient of the American Physical Therapy Association's (Colorado Chapter) Student Academic and Clinical Excellence Award, as well as an inductee to Alpha Sigma Nu, the national honors fraternity of Jesuit Universities in the US. Cameron enjoys all aspect of orthopedic physical therapy, but has special interests in the cervical spine, temporomandibular disorders (TMD), and neurodynamics. He has completed over 2000 clinical hours treating TMD, headaches, and craniofacial pain and nearly 100 hours of continuing education specifically on TMD. Cameron also serves an Affiliate Faculty member of the School of Physical Therapy at Regis University and the Physical Therapy Program of the University of Colorado. In his free time, Cameron is a hack golfer, kook surfer, happy camper, and proud father of a toddler.

"I have been blessed to have been receiving physical therapy by Cameron at Precision Physical Therapy. Cameron and the staff are very caring and professional people and are extremely knowledgeable of my physical needs and did an outstanding job of helping me to recover my strength following my shoulder surgery. There was always care and concern for my special needs. I recommend Precision whenever I hear someone needs physical therapy - they are the best!"

"I had shoulder and back pain for two months and Cameron diagnosed it as stress related and with one treatment provided relief. I wish I had gone a lot sooner."

"I have worked with Precision Physical Therapy for almost three years and with Cameron for approximately one year. I have been duly impressed his thoroughness, knowledge, prompt feedback and professionalism. I have received many glowing remarks about Cameron from my patients also. He is a wonderful addition to an office that already excels in delivering outstanding patient care! Keep up the great work!"
Lora Bulmahn, MD

Jaime Oppegaard Jaime Oppegaard, P.T., D.P.T.

Dr. Jaime Oppegaard, DPT received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota Moorhead, in Moorhead, Minnesota, in 2002 and was inducted into Psi Chi National Honor Society. While completing her BA in psychology, she attended school at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley for one year on a student exchange, where she held a teaching assistant position within the psychology department and was involved in research focused on eating habits and emotions. She was initially exposed to physical therapy after her father underwent a total hip replacement. Since his surgery did not fare well, the surgical team argued that he would not be able to return to work for three months. After only five weeks of physical therapy, he was able to fully return to his occupation. Jaime was astonished by the success that her father had experienced through physical therapy and wanted to be a part of a profession that fueled not only her passion, but also would give others their life back. AS a result, she began to pursue a career in physical therapy and Dr. Oppegaard graduated from The College of St. Scholastica physical therapy doctoral program in Duluth, Minnesota. She began practicing physical therapy at Precision Physical Therapy in June of 2009.

Currently, Dr. Oppegaard, practices at our south office at the Apex Center in Arvada, Colorado. She is certified in functional dry needling, which has been a great adjunct with traditional manual therapy techniques as it allows her patients to rehabilitate more quickly. Dr. Oppegaard frequently treats chronic conditions with traditional physical therapy models as well as with Associative Awareness Technique. Additionally, she is certified in fitting for custom orthotics through Sole Supports, Inc. At the Apex center, she is able to provide aquatic therapy and she often coordinates health and wellness programs with the personal training staff for those patients who want to continue with an exercise program post rehabilitation. Jaime is a "hands-on" manually base physical therapist who is able to individualize treatment based on the patient's specific needs and goals. Dr. Oppegaard's background as an athlete allows her to realize the importance of returning to an activity and/or sport safely and effectively.

Jaime resides in Westminster, Colorado with her husband Chad and her black lab, Bailey. She enjoys the great outdoors, camping, beach volleyball, yoga, skiing, and traveling.

"I have experienced migraine headaches since 2002 and retired 2003 due to the disabling effect of the pain. In 2009 I attended a semminar/class at the Apex Recreation Center where Jaime Oppegaard talked about treatment of neck/shoulder and migraine headaches. At this point I had nothing to lose and decided to see Jaime for an evaluation. For the next several months I saw Jaime on a regular basis and within a relatively short period of time began feeling better because the headaches were not as frequent or as severe. I call her my "angel of miracles" as she has definitely saved my quality of life and I would recommend her to anyone."
Vern S.

Elizabeth Agnew Elizabeth Agnew, P.T., D.P.T.

Elizabeth graduated from the University of Colorado in 2012 with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT). She is excited to be back at Precision Physical Therapy, where her physical therapy career started as an aide. An integral part of her doctorate program was a four month clinical rotation at Precision, where she was mentored by Dr. Jaime Oppegaard and Dr. Cameron Lyons. Her other clinical experiences were in a skilled nursing facility, pediatric school and home-based settings and in an inpatient/outpatient hospital setting.

Elizabeth has always had a passion for the sciences with a special interest in anatomy and physiology. Prior to earning her Doctorate in P.T. she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine from Colorado State University. Now that she has attained the highest degree available in the Physical Therapy profession, she desires to be involved in the full continuum of care for her patients and she believes it is important to spend time formulating the most optimal plan of care for each individual patient.

Currently, Elizabeth practices at our office in Louisville. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Besides her extensive training with Dr.'s Oppegaard and Lyons, Elizabeth also has been trained in Associative Awareness Technique (AAT) Level I, which is a treatment approach for chronic pain and stress. Elizabeth is excited to continue to learn the latest innovative techniques that the physical therapy profession has to offer.

Elizabeth is a Colorado native and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, going to concerts, Colorado Avalanche games, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family.

"I don't know if you hear this very often but you have a wonderful therapist and a very caring person in Elizabeth. I felt very comfortable and cared about with the way she treated me as her patient. She did her job well which is putting it mildly, heck she went Above and Beyond. I hope that her boss and the business she works for appreciate her to the fullest for the dedication and respect she has for her patients. It has been a pleasure being a patient of hers and I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Madeleine T.

Michelle Kinkead Michelle Kinkead, Massage Therapist, L.M.T.

Michelle is a Boulder native who returned in 2009 after many years of living, traveling and volunteering overseas. She has a double Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Psychology from the University of Colorado, and is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society. Combining life-long passions for learning, working with diverse people and independent travel, she has over 15 years' experience as a teacher, mentor, coach and student in such exotic locales as France, inner-city Los Angeles, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Thailand, India and New Zealand. She discovered the power of massage as well as a new career after experiencing and then studying Thai massage and reflexology while traveling throughout Southeast Asia. After moving to the city of Christchurch, New Zealand in 2006, she completed the 1,370 hour Diploma of Therapeutic Massage with distinction at the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine, and stayed there to work as a deep tissue massage therapist and as a medical/disaster first responder with the New Zealand Red Cross.

She has unique experience working with a wide range of clients in a variety of massage settings, and specializes in therapeutic deep tissue work to help clients reduce and overcome stress, chronic pain, recent injuries and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Michelle is able to specifically tailor each session to best address the needs and goals of her clients by using a blend of the many different modalities she has trained in, including neuromuscular therapy (NMT), trigger point work, sports and orthopedic soft tissue techniques, myofascial release/structural integration, PNF stretching, craniosacral therapy and relaxation/Swedish massage. She has also been an athlete and involved in sports her whole life, and as a result, fully understands the aches and pains that come with an active lifestyle as well as the relief that comes from regular bodywork to free up tight, restricted and stressed muscles and joints.

Michelle is a team leader helping to set up the Emergency Community Service Massage Team with the Colorado Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), and is a volunteer EMT for the Medical Reserve Corps of Boulder County. In her spare time, she thrives on being active and outdoors, plays competitive volleyball and enjoys photography and writing. She is still getting used to living in the US and being a homeowner and dog/cat guardian, and is looking for an excuse to dust off her passport again.

Donna Krasovec Donna Krasovec, P.T.A.

Donna entered the field of physical therapy as a second career. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, and worked “many” years as a graphic designer. Different influences along the path of life led Donna to pursue a career as a physical therapist assistant. Donna points out that the two careers have some similarities: both involve solving problems, using creative thinking skills, and understanding how different “parts” work together.

Donna graduated from an accredited Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program in 1997. She has worked as part of a therapy team in an acute care hospital and in inpatient subacute rehabilitation settings before moving to outpatient orthopedic clinic settings. Donna’s 12 years of orthopedic experience includes treatment of various occupational injuries and general orthopedic conditions; in addition, Donna spent five years working as a PT/PTA team in a clinic specializing in spine and spine-related conditions. Donna is a life-long learner and believes it is important to continually expand her knowledge and skills to be an effective provider of therapy services. She has accumulated over 400 hours in continuing education courses.

In addition to her work as a clinician, Donna has been an educator in a PTA Program in Denver. She began teaching part-time in 2008 while still working as a clinician, then moved to a full-time teaching position in 2012. Donna came to Precision Physical Therapy in 2015 after wanting to return to clinical practice, but she believes the review of the basics while in education has made her a better clinician.

Donna is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and Orthopedic Section of the APTA. She has served as PTA Caucus Representative for two terms and serves as PTA SIG chair. In 2010, Donna received the APTA Recognition of Advanced Proficiency for the PTA in the musculoskeletal category. In 2014, Donna received the APTA Colorado Outstanding Physical Therapist Assistant Award.

Donna is a Colorado native and loves the mountains. Her favorite Colorado vacation spot is Ouray, Colorado, for the many hiking trails and four-wheel drive roads.

Chelsea Graham Chelsea Graham
Practice Manager

Chelsea is a 2007 graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Physiology. She first started working at Precision Physical Therapy in the summer of 2006 as a PT Aide to get hands on experience for a doctorate program in physical therapy. Chelsea has since been promoted to Practice Manager and has discovered that her interest with the medical profession and patient care has shifted towards human resources/business management. Chelsea currently enjoys her position with Precision Physical Therapy and is looking to broaden her education in human resources and business management so that she can continue to make the best atmosphere possible for the patients and employees of Precision Physical Therapy. Chelsea is a native of Colorado, enjoys being a newlywed, and spending time with her new family and two dogs.

Devin Hegger
P.T. Aide

Devin is soon graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Integrated Physiology and Spanish. Devin started at Precision Physical Therapy in May of 2013 after volunteering and shadowing at a physical therapy clinic in Boston Massachusetts the summer prior. Originally from Boston, Devine chose to pursue his studies in beautiful Colorado and has been loving it ever since. Devin is also fluent in Spanish and spends his off time playing many different sports as well as hiking, camping and fishing.

Amanda Webb
P.T. Aide

Amanda will graduate from the University of Colorado, Boulder in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Physiology, and plans on attending physical therapy school next year. Amanda first started at Precision Physical Therapy in May of 2013 by volunteering and shadowing Dr. Elizabeth Agnew, DPT. She officially joined the team as a PT Aide in August of 2013. Amanda enjoys interacting with patients and aiding in their recovery process. She loves sports, especially the Broncos, traveling and spending time with family.

Julia Wachs
P.T. Aide

Julia graduated from University of Colorado, Boulder in August 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Physiology. She first became interested in physical therapy after interning and shadowing at the Boulder Community Hospital Pediatric Rehabilitation Services in the Spring of 2014. That April, she began working at Precision Physical Therapy. Julia enjoys being involved in each patient's recovery process here. She loves music and traveling, and plans in the future to attend physical therapy school.