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I've suffered from a variety of debilitating headaches for 15 years. After ten years of chiropractic adjustments, I met Ernie Quinlisk and experienced PRRT™. The therapy was easy, fast and painless. After the very first appointment I knew the PRRT™ was working for me and after only a few appointments my headaches have all but disappeared. The few headaches I have had are much shorter in duration, not nearly as painful and very infrequent. As an added surprise, the pain in my foot where I'd had bunion surgery six years ago stopped hurting. Even my posture has improved. When my family physician referred me to physical therapy for my headaches I was skeptical but PRRT™ worked really well for me. My body handles stress better now and I've already recommended some of my friends give it a try.

Shontelle H.

PRRT™ is very surprising. Ernie and Susan never went near my "problem" - which was something seized up in my butt (my piriformis, I assumed) that was aching permanently and then in the middle of my training sessions suddenly cramping up and stopping me from running at race pace.

In the very first session, Susan had me do something with my head, and I literally felt my troublesome glute/piriformis start to unwind. Ernie subsequently also used an amazing, pain-free technique to wipe out a sore trigger point that was causing my foot to cramp. As a runner, I am used to painful, deep tissue therapy. PRRT™ is nothing like that. I was surprised because it restored my butt to full function in only 3 sessions.

I then put it to a "Test to destruction": did a long warm-up, a series of hard 200s and 400s at faster-than-race pace, then finished off with a two-second (ie huge) PR in the last of a series of 100m sprints: 14.6... and the piriformis/glute did not seize up!!! That kind of speed would previously result in my having to pull up "lame".

It still aches now and then, and sometimes feels "tight" when I run, but clearly isn't getting in the way any more.

Simon M.

  • Colorado Runner of the Year 2008 in the 55-59 age group (winner Colorado Runner Racing Series)
  • Bronze medallist British Masters 5k National Championship
  • Nationally ranked US Masters athlete (at 3000m)
  • Age group winner Pearl Street Mile 2008
  • 2006 Bolder Boulder 10k age-group winner: 37:35
  • 2006 Rocky Mountains Senior Games 5k champion: 17:35
  • Editor, CAM magazine: for practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine.

My daughter who is a high school all-American swimmer injured her back and was experiencing excruciating pain that kept her from training. Her doctor put her on pain medication and referred her to a local physical therapist, none of which relieved the pain. Desperate to get her back into the pool, I called my physical therapist friend in Ohio. He immediately recommended his colleague, Ernie Quinlisk, stating that after one session, my daughter would be pain free. I was a bit skeptical but willing to try anything. It was definitely worth the 200 mile round-trip journey to Ernie's office! His techniques are nothing short of miraculous. My daughter was pain-free after just one session! She was anxious to get back into the pool after being away from competition for nearly 5 weeks. To date, she is still pain free and able to do flip-turns once again. I just wish that I had found Ernie sooner. He's phenomenal.

Maryellen F.

PRRT™ did certainly help me. My knee which I thought was completely going to go out from an old injury was 200% better!! Also, the first couple of days and as of today my emotional health has improved quite significantly. The very next day, I dealt with a very stressful situation quite well!! I still am dealing with my spine. I had a deep tissue massage the following Friday. It held only for a couple of days. Thank you for your therapy. I think it is incredible and I have told other people about it. I know you told me we would know within two or three sessions whether it woud work or not. I know it will help me and of course it already has. Thank you.


The name of your practice should be changed to "the pain magician". With one treatment, my acute debilitating back pain was gone. Your diagnosis was scientific and confidence building. I am pleased to be one of your new clients who hopes to only need your services on occasion.

Frank B.

After experiencing a full year of burning pain in my feet, I am amazed that following one treatment with PRRT™, 90% of my pain was gone! On going to a physical therapist, I expected to go through many painful weeks of physical therapy. What a wonderful surprise that with no pain or effort on my part but with Ernie's gentle methods, the burning pain that haunted me day and night has been relieved by such a degree. It feels like a miracle to me.

Fran D.

Two footnotes must be stated at the beginning of this testimony. First, a knee injury back in the early 70's has caused numerous issues that have affected my hips and back over the years. Second, I am a cynic about "easy fixes."

A couple of months ago, a sharp pain appeared in my hip joint. I spent several days applying heat, stretching and resting the joint...all the typical approaches to other aches and pains over the years. The pain never eased or subsided. Getting out of bed in the morning was difficult.

When I came into your office for an exam, you asked several questions then proceeded to perform a procedure called PRRT™. The actions you took were curious, in fact, I don't believe you ever worked on the hip itself. Whatever you did took all of 15 minutes. I stood up without pain, left your office without pain and the pain has not occurred since.

I am amazed, relieved and thankful.

Jerry G.
P.S. Maybe PRRT™ should stand for Pain Relief Rapid Therapy!!

I once again want to thank you for the dramatic relief you have provided me with my shoulder pain. I am still somewhat surprised and grateful that after 8 months, 3 visits to the orthopedist, 3 referrals to specialists an MRI of my neck and appointments with aneurosurgeon and neurologists, that you were able to alleviate my pain in just one visit and 20 minutes. Ironically, one of the specialists had noted the first rib was elevated, but left no plan or recourse to do anything about it, let alone identify it as a source of my pain. With your treatment, I felt immediately better and have continued to since our appointment. The options given me by the specialists included physical therapy, drug therapy and ultimately surgery. Thank you for your efforts and success with my shoulder. It is great to be able to function normally after 8 months.

Jeff W.

I am happy to give you a patient testimonial about your work. My family doctor, Dr. Howie Wolf, referred me to you because I suffering from pain in both of my wrist and elbow. After only a few sessions, I am now pain free. You were very professional in your therapy techniques. I feel you are a great listener and asked just the right questions to get to the bottom of my pain. As a business owner of a woman's fitness center I will most definitely refer you to my client base.

Marsha M.

I saw Ernie in the spring of 2004 for right foot pain. In a one half hour session he discovered and treated a muscle spasm above my right knee that was ultimately creating the foot pain. My pain (which was 24/7) left almost immediately and I was delighted, to not only be pain free, but also to run again! I also was pleased to get this taken care of in one visit. I have suffered other ailments and have been in physical therapy treatment for months. Ernie is knowledgeable, efficient, approachable and professional. I have recommended him to a number of people over the past few months, and plan to use him and recommend him in the future.

Barb B.

I have only been a patient of Mr. Quinlisk for a short time (5 or 6 sessions), but the amount of pain in my left shoulder was reduced almost immediately by his impressive methods. I have used one other physical therapist in the past for my shoulder but the pain always increased. I was amazed at the speed of which my mobility was returned. Mr. Quinlisk and his staff are wonderful people who treat you like people, not patients, and work with you to find the best method of treatment for your specific case. I would definitely recommend Precision Physical Therapy for anyone in need of physical therapy treatment!

Beth D.

I have had more need for physical therapy than I would wish on anyone. That includes 4 knee surgeries among other things. The biggest lesson I have learned from all of that, is to see Ernie first, before the surgeon. The last time he fixed some pretty severe pain in just one visit. The thing that impressed me most about Ernie how well he thinks. With him, it is more than machines and exercise, and it is not just book learning and what he has been told. You can actually watch him clearly analyze the problem and he talks through it and explains it so the patient is part of the solution.

Don M.

After several months of nagging pain, burning and stiffness in my right shoulder, I was to the point that I was getting nightly migraines and could barely move my right side at all. I went to see a chiropractor and was informed that my rotator cuff was injured and the damage could be too severe if he tried to adjust it. He suggested that I see a Physical Therapist. I must admit, that when Ernie started with his first non-painful treatment, I was thinking to myself "yeah right, like THIS is going to do anything!?" I was absolutely amazed to say the least! I saw immediate results and the relief I have felt is beyond words. I plan on seeing Ernie again immediately should the need arise and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Stephanie S.